Het Ezelsoor - Chiara Robbiano

Live podcast recording

How can we truly value and practice diversity?

  • 14:15-14:30
Zaal: Pandora foyer
Language: English

Sometimes you read something so beautiful that you always remember it. In the podcast 'Het Ezelsoor', we talk to philosophers about their favourite philosophical passage. Why does it move them? Join the live podcast recording in the Pandora foyer.

At 14.00 Chiara Robbiano talks about Japanese medieval philosopher Dōgen and his work Mountains and Waters Sutra. How can we value and practice diversity? And why do we need to understand the Self better, in order to do so? 

12:15 Simon Gusman 
13:15 Roos Slegers
14:15 Chiara Robbiano
15:15 Merel Talbi 
16:15 Willem van der Deijl-Kloeg