De kwestie #3: We need to talk about algorithms


De kwestie #3: We need to talk about algorithms

Fleur Jongepier, Tom Sterkenburg & Mirko Schäfer

Algorithms have become part of our daily lives. Many of us trust them. But how justified is their claim to truth?

Algorithms play a big part in everyday life. They’re able to personalise online ads, recognise our faces, and are well on their way to predict criminal behavior. Part of what makes algorithms so appealing is that they have a touch of truthfulness about them - pure math equals absolute truth. But is this claim to truth justified? Do algorithms indeed produce reliable knowledge? And what are the implications when we leave knowledge-production to self-learning formulas? With Dr Fleur Jongepier (RUN), Dr Tom Sterkenburg (LMU München) & Dr Mirko Schäfer (UU).

Aanvang: 16:00
Zaal: Senaatszaal
Track: Wat is waar?